Robin Li said the next scene is the era of artificial intelligence


technology news (Han Yimin) in August 25th, 2016 Yabuli Entrepreneurs Forum Chinese summer summit held in Xi’an, Baidu Inc founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li attended the meeting and made a speech on the Internet the next scene ".


through this speech, we have a glimpse of Robin Li on the Internet, what is the next step in the development of Baidu thinking. In this speech, "artificial intelligence" is the theme of Robin Li’s most concern.

Robin Li believes that the first act of the Internet is the PC Internet, this scene is the mobile Internet, and mobile Internet bonus period has been basically completed, then what is the next scene?.

I think the next scene is the era of artificial intelligence."

Robin Li judgment, the future of artificial intelligence will have a very important impact on China’s manufacturing industry. In addition to the manufacturing sector, the automotive industry, the medical industry and the entertainment industry, will be artificial intelligence technology changes.

he believes that entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the role of artificial intelligence in the market which can play a role.

in fact, from the beginning of 2014, Baidu has gradually increased investment in the field of artificial intelligence, from today’s speech can be seen, Robin Li holds a very optimistic attitude towards the future of artificial intelligence.

following Robin Li speech record:

speak a little we can understand, then talk about the next scene of the internet.

because of the word "next act," we have to look at what it is and what it is. In fact, very simple, the last scene is PC internet. It should be said that the Internet from the early 90s began commercial, until about four or five years ago, has been a PC based network, or system. During this time, the vast majority of today’s Internet Co is known for having heard it many times, in the United States, Google (micro-blog), Facebook, Amazon, etc. These Internet Co are born in the PC era of the Internet; in China, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, etc. these large Internet Co are born in the PC era of the internet.

recent four or five years, it can be said that the Internet is the second act, that is, the era of mobile internet. We all feel the mobile Internet and the PC Internet is very different. In this era is born out of a number of new companies, like the American Uber, Airbnb; in Chinese, as today the United States Mission Wang Xing (micro-blog) also came over, and drops, today’s headlines and so on, there are also some new business mode. But this time the wireless Internet scene in fact than many people imagine is shorter, only four or five years of time, we go to see the future, rely on the wireless Internet then the birth of a new business model, and then to urge.