Wang Jianlin Wang Shi after the Harvard China Forum this year who came to the

this year’s Harvard China forum brings together Xu Xiaoping, Chen Man, and in China, such as the "red" or "Star" aura of many guests and a number of heavyweight entrepreneurs in.


today (April 11th) early in the morning, 2016 Harvard China Forum just ended in the United States, Boston, the owner of the first time to bring the most popular live news to see who came to Harvard this year.

Xu Xiaoping favorite Papi sauce?


Xu Xiaoping first appeared in the public eye as a co-founder of New Oriental, Deng Chao, and starring in China, such as the Chinese partner, let more people into the world of Xu teacher in the world, and so on, as well as in the world of. Deng Chao in the film is played by Xu Xiaoping, some of the audience to make enough to make the tears, but the fans feel that the value of the two world is really too far away……


In addition to the Xu Xiaoping

at the Harvard China forum in addition to the "consumption", Yu Minhong talked about the old Yu early pole brush past, he took the length of 1/3 about Papi sauce Papi sauce Papi sauce!!! Important said three times! Xu said the first time being asked to recognize Papi sauce when he thought it was another "old godmother", and then he and the logic of thinking Luo Zhenyu voted him the "old godmother".


Xu Xiaoping in the end how much to enjoy the Papi sauce to see him on the Papi of God evaluation


Xu Xiaoping said, Papi sauce expressed her free breathing and thinking of the society and the world through the video in the video industry that dare to do the action and influence is like "thousand pointing fingers, head bowed as a willing ox" Lu Xun. To this end, Xu Xiaoping also deliberately on a PPT for the Papi sauce draw two big beard.

Xu Xiaoping in the end how much love Papi sauce he put on the scene of the Papi sauce video, Papi has since become the first appeared in the Harvard forum of Chinese red.


appeared in the very serious Harvard stage of China’s first network of Red Black Humor video, can be regarded as the first time. But the influence of early Papi sauce spread to Harvard, the presence of people by the video again amused. In this era, the power of the network can quickly cross the region, time zone and culture.

Papi sauce for the first time when he went to his home, Xu Xiaoping became excited and even slightly nervous, offered to take a photo and Papi sauce. "Embrace her emaciated body" – Xu teacher is himself