2009 China nternet Conference held today in Beijing

November 2nd morning news, 2009 Chinese Internet Conference will be held in the International Conference Center in Beijing today, the general assembly to "crisis – turn – opportunity" as the theme, intended to China strength and confidence for the Internet under the financial crisis. Sina as the official designation of the chief partner, the conference will be a full featured reports.

2009 China Internet Conference opening ceremony will be held at nine am today, the government departments in charge of leadership, the leadership of the Ministry of industry and the Internet association will deliver a speech. Since then, the general assembly also made contributions to China’s Internet industry self-discipline award, the China Internet association Internet Public Enterprise Award ceremony.

is reported that the 2009 China Internet Conference will pay more attention to the content and innovation, reflecting openness and interactivity. The organizing committee also summed up the ten major points of the meeting, including the opening of the Internet Conference on the Internet, the establishment of the Commission on the issue of the trial committee, boost network grassroots entrepreneurship and employment, etc..

yesterday afternoon, the third meeting of the China Internet association, the second meeting held in beijing. During the leadership of deputy managing director of China Internet association president Gao Xinmin and Vice President Gao Lu Lin Association, and the Phoenix NetEase CEO Ding Lei, COO Li Ya, iResearch COO Ruan Jingwen accepted an exclusive interview with sina technology.

2009 China Internet Conference will be November 2nd -3 day. The conference is scheduled to be held during September 15th -17, was held in September to celebrate the 60 anniversary of the establishment of new China related activities in Beijing held a more intensive and other reasons to postpone. (Meng Hong)

below 2009 China Internet Conference, the top ten highlights:

1, increase interactivity, online open Internet Conference

2009 China Internet Conference in order to reflect the characteristics of the Internet, increase interactive links, so that hundreds of millions of Internet users also have the opportunity to personally participate in the general assembly. The organizing committee will be the focus of the forum before the guests and lecture topics through the network to disclose to hundreds of millions of Internet users, and set up an interactive session in the general assembly site. Hundreds of millions of Internet users through the Internet, as well as wireless push off and other special platform for the Internet dialogue elite leaders, the real realization of the general assembly of the online and offline interaction. At the same time, the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly opened a unified national 24 hours consultation Tel: 400-8982-321.

2, pay attention to the content of the general assembly, the establishment of the issue of the trial committee

in order to ensure the content and meaning of the general assembly, to avoid the guest lecture content too much emphasis on their own products and company, the organizing committee specially established "issue trial committee", on the eve of the Convention, the Committee on the issue of professional issues for review, in order to ensure the quality of general meeting. At the same time, the audience and the majority of Internet users will be the site for the speaker’s speech to evaluate and score, to achieve the pre and post Conference on the contents of the strict control.

3, reflecting the public welfare, boost network grassroots entrepreneurship and >