Baidu low key enable hao222 com self navigation website

was informed in August 2nd, Baidu low-key registered website, and use the site for navigation. It is reported that, hao222 and Baidu’s other site navigation station page content completely. According to sources, Baidu will be the official website to promote the site navigation.


reporter query domain name information, found that the owner of the site is indeed Baidu Inc home

in March 2nd this year, sources told reporters that Baidu started from March to stop the promotion of cooperation and comprehensive web site navigation, and turn to a handful of domestic large websites to discuss the acquisition or holding operation etc..

last month, there is news that Baidu Union has banned a number of millions of traffic level site navigation account. Recently, the domestic Internet companies have launched site navigation station. Previously, by virtue of the advantages of 360 client sites secure website profitable, thunder launched the site, and Taobao also launched a web site navigation station Amoy url.