Biography Foursquare plans to launch a new payment media platform in June

NetEase Francisco April 22nd message, according to foreign media reports, according to sources, Foursquare plans to launch in mid June a paid media platform, and is looking to launch brand become partners.

the product will allow businesses in a given area, through the existing business platform to sign promotion. Existing business platform, allowing merchants to enter the list of Foursquare. When users search for local special things, through the Foursquare paid ads, they can see the products of the business. Those targeted advertising is the use of Foursquare to explore the same algorithm, according to the user’s past attendance, friends and a wider range of Foursquare user groups to sign up to recommend the establishment.

sources said, Foursquare and marketers have previously collaborated on the development of such products to negotiate. Previously, Foursquare had several brands, including Pepsi beverage and snack food company (Pepsi), America’s largest hot coffee drinks retailer Dunn Du Lo (Dunkin’Donuts), a health food retailer wfmi (Whole Foods) and electronics retailer RadioShack cooperation.

is the first big drugstore chain organization Wall Green (Walgreens) director of the social media business Kemike Adam (Adam Kmiec) said that he had heard of Foursquare is still in the initial stage of paid media plan, but so far no intervention. Wall Green and Foursquare cooperation projects in the past, including a commitment to each (either from Facebook or from Foursquare) sign shop donated flu vaccine, and to provide the embedded barcode exclusive cooperation, so that the user can login to unlock a shop, get a discount saving.

Kemico said, Foursquare launched a new platform for paid media, we will undoubtedly be seriously concerned about, it is consistent with our commitment to social networking to the local level."

launched in 2009, the annual science and Technology Conference South Southwest Interactive by, Foursquare is eager to become PepsiCo, Tasti D-Lite, Bravo and Starbucks (Starbucks) and other brand partners. Its branding strategy is clearly different from other social media such as Twitter and Tumblr, which are reluctant to cooperate with the brand in the early stages of their development. Foursquare users recently crossed the 20 million, the company has been an early partnership as an opportunity to test and learn it in the development of advertising strategy.

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