Nora’s death China’s nternet dividend policy has ended


text / Ding Peng

about Nora, about Wang Xin, a very sensitive topic, but this incident has not just Nora thing, but for the entire Chinese Internet industry has sounded the alarm together, unfortunately, Nora became a bird "chicken".

barbaric growth of China’s Internet will be formally incorporated in the regulation".

about Nora event, it was said that the issue of copyright piracy.

this is not false, in the global scope, like Nora events like this a lot, in 2012 when the famous American music sharing website "million upload" was also closed, his founders were sent into the. Million upload more than 150 million registered users, up to 50 million visitors per day, is the world’s largest visited the thirteenth sites. Website content includes video, music and pictures, users can upload or download anonymously. They received more than $175 million in revenue from subscriptions and advertising.

in a sense, millions of upload and fast like? Well, millions of uploads can be closed, the founder will be sent in, Nora why not?

look at China, last year when it was almost also in April, the domestic video sharing website is also thought to be closed, a public executives were arrested.

thinking network, registration fees up to about 1400000 members, at the same time online users over 30 thousand people per month, as long as the payment of $50 membership fee, you can download all kinds of Blu ray high-definition pirated movies.

and Nora is different, the idea of the network, upload directly from piracy among millions of revenue, while Nora sense it is suitable for the principle of "safe harbor", it does not directly benefit from the pirated video content, it is only through this way to get nearly 200 million users, and it has no end and those who do piracy the "small website" reached a similar advertising into revenue, we can not say.

so, Nora checked in addition to piracy there is also a deeper meaning.

China Internet in 1994 officially started, the Zhongguancun area of education and research and demonstration network engineering into the Internet, and the realization of Internet TCP/IP connection, which opened a full Internet service. Since then, China has been officially recognized as an Internet country.

has been 20 years, which is China’s Internet industry barbaric growth of the past 20 years.

the birth of the Internet, a number of billionaires, Robin Li, Zhang Zhaoyang such returnees, there are such grassroots Cai Wensheng, the Internet is not a concept of industry sectors, as long as you have the ability, ideas, the Internet can give you a miracle.

but the process of growing the Internet has a lot of problems, when video piracy, disaster caused by flooding water electricity supplier fakes rampant, various open the box style game gambling.