Online education entrepreneurship problems concerns how to get traffic and users

[Abstract] Baidu Tencent technology revealed that at present the education class search traffic and advertising revenue is the main line and traditional educational institutions linked purely backward online education site traffic is very small.

giant admission, the influx of capital, the online education market is increasingly unpopular behind, but highlights the increasingly narrow living space startups.

whether it is a game, video or other Internet verticals, get enough traffic and users, is always the core elements to support commercial mode of operation, and the Internet for education is extremely limited traffic space and the target user group. For online education industry, traffic and users become the biggest problem breaking.

in the entertainment and service demand as the core of the Internet, a conversion value of electricity, games, video, real estate, automobile and other industries flow, but the education has a special, more users did not develop online learning habits, the flow is very difficult to translate into the field of education from the Perspective of students; look, have more control over the next line in the traditional education and training institutions in the hands of.

search is still one of the most important flow of educational products entrance. Public information display, education and medicine, machinery and equipment, franchising and electronic products accounted for five of Baidu’s total advertising revenue of about $50%.

however, a Baidu insiders told the Tencent of science and technology, the education of search traffic and advertising revenue is the main line and traditional educational institutions linked to pure oriented online education website traffic is very small.

Baidu last September launched

education educational institutions and educational institutions on the middle page, the search results for authentication and rating, from the current educational keyword search results, the next line of educational institutions occupy the most.

education according to the relevant responsible person said, similar to the "education", "English" and other words, a single click on the price up to 100 yuan, the line agencies to obtain a valid user unit costs more than 1000 yuan / person. However, the traditional education and training in general is a high profit industry, the exam and English course price reached hundreds of dollars per hour is not difficult, for small and medium sized traditional educational institutions, education in the field of flow in the acceptable range of price.

but for free product based online education start-up companies, from Baidu to get the flow also have to pay high costs, then exacerbated the survival pressure. An online education venture company founder told the Tencent of science and technology, similar to the "International English training" keyword search CPC click price can easily reach 50 yuan, "we almost always work for Baidu," the founder described.

once Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent and other giants to increase the layout of the education market, the flow of the platform to tighten their distribution, these start-up companies will further exacerbate the flow of shackles.

Limited: industry concentration accelerated

according to statistics, 2013>