P2P lack of supervision of chaos of more than 50 sites in the capital chain crisis

P2P in the domestic hot, whether international or local giant venture capital predators, or internet giants are eager for a fight, have been involved in P2P, the market suddenly appeared a large number of P2P sites, but because of the lack of effective supervision of the industry, P2P market chaos, there have been more than 50 websites shut down or run away, or major the chain of funds, to investors caused significant economic losses.

"ease loan, a very strong domestic network lending platform, annual income of up to 24%" P2P website advertising published in the country’s most famous Tianya community forum, this is only a microcosm of the P2P website marketing. Whether the focus advertising in the elevator or on the network media display advertising, display the P2P industry "boom" side, each trying to expand the territory.

P2P S told a practitioner of hunting cloud network, the international giant risk Softbank investment P2P news makes the industry more crazy (enabling network in Beijing and Chinese Softbank capital (SBCVC) funding agreement signed. It is reported that the capital injection is China Softbank capital for the first time the Internet financial investment in the mainland Chinese. ). Hunting cloud network in the industry had exclusive coverage of the news of the Tencent intends to acquire peer-to-peer lending in the P2P industry also triggered massive hot.

"foreign forces, especially the giants like a needle in the blood, continue to stimulate the player’s nerve, a lot of entrepreneurs reported flourishes mentality to entrepreneurship. For investors, P2P generally promised high returns and high returns, in the face of temptation, investment often lose their reason. The P2P website and no one tube, a variety of unspoken rule and no limit, integrity is difficult to avoid "s said.

China Securities Journal reporter Mei Yanjun summed up the unspoken rules in the S mouth.

1, since the financial occupied

The so-called self financing

for personal use, is the platform of their own issuing financing, to raise funds for their projects. Insiders pointed out that the mode of risk control useless, has been listed as the net loan industry risk after fraud.

2, standard

so-called demolition of the term refers to the long-term loan subject into short-term, large funds into small, resulting in a mismatch of the term and amount. For example, a borrower’s loan period is 3 months, the platform split into a debt of one month’s bid, divided into three months sold to investors.

The result of the overheated

industry is a lot of P2P sites into a crisis, some closed down, some running, most of the site was caught in the cash crisis. In a list of the first net loan net to sum up, see the hunting cloud network has more than 50 P2P major problems, such as the capital of Mount Huangshan, the collapse of public lending network. Net win the world, platinum Leah is dead and epigenetic, the vast majority of the remaining have overdue withdrawals, into the crisis of capital chain exercise.

but even if the net wins the world