The process of building learning website

      may I do love decreed by fate, but because of his remoteness, high school when I haven’t been online, first contact computer record is a high when shopping, and a classmate in the small town of our high school, I just have to open a small town on the I don’t know about the Internet, called Internet cafes, a total of five or six computer, not the Internet, can only play the game, 3 dollars an hour, I felt very curious, so go to play for a while, 3 dollars an hour, but I will not play a what, what is called the Mary will not. Super Mario, is that a mouse aiming. Half an hour did not arrive, I do not mean anything, do not play, pay a 50 Fen, remember that time out of the Internet cafe, I am still very excited!
      high school a few years later did not go to Internet cafes, although we opened Internet cafes in the town, but also access to the Internet, I have to go to the students, but I rarely go, also occasionally to stand behind them, watching some of them from the Internet to find porn, or some pornographic pictures, I feel the network is too difficult, but I have too little time, no time to engage in these. Maybe at that time I was quite seriously, everyone agreed that the Internet is not good, because some of my classmates often check the night, the school is relatively tight, so I have no opportunity to contact network.

      after three years of hard work, I finally got good grades in college entrance examination, fill volunteer time, although 02 years when the computer is very hot, but as can be imagined, how could a contact computer from people who have no computer at. So I reported a very promising civil engineering, once again and I love the computer pass..

      into the University, the days began to get bored, time is abundant, I often go to school with the students in the back of the Internet cafes to play CS, internet. Maybe I have a little talent for the computer, some familiar with the familiar operation. We have a student in the city, he has a personal computer for 99 years, under his influence, I will soon have some computer knowledge.

      remember the first time the site is at the same time, I take a floppy disk, in the school’s computer room, FP98, where one is 2, 3 hours, do, enjoy the stuff they do, feels unspeakable achievements at that time, the room is relatively cheap, only 1 dollars an hour, and a more comprehensive software. Is in the computer room, I slowly groping to the basic principles of website construction. Composition of html.

      sophomore, my dormitory two people have a personal computer, I look at others with their own computer online, playing games, mouth >