2266 com 2 digital domain name such as the sale of the sale price of the 4 digits of the pack in Fi

renamed China (eName.cn) April 28th news, recently, the sale of digital domain 2266.com and 2299.com are packaged, rumored price reached 7 digit.

2266.com and 2299.com belong to AABB type domain name, easy to remember, "66" and "66 Dashun", "99" "long" meaning, quality excellent, excellent moral. And the establishment of digital domain name restrictions small, can be used to build investment banking, site navigation, game sites, digital products and other areas of the site, a great investment value.


recently, the number of transactions in the domain name continues, since the 360 companies to spend billions of dollars to buy the domain name 360.com, the market is rising. Because there is no language, text barriers, easy to remember and other characteristics, digital domain name by the global terminal and investors of all ages.

The digital domain name

type AABB selling a good friend, catchy, easy to remember, the commercial use of a wide range of potential, is popular in the domain name market. In the earlier domain name Chinese boutique domain name auction, the digital domain name 7744.com to 325 thousand yuan price was successfully sold; state Ming health also acquired and enabled the 4 digital domain name 5511.cn, etc..