Qihe County People’s Government of the domain name expires docked

webmaster network admin5.com March 19th news, Shandong County People’s government website (www.qihe.gov.cn) domain name expires, the domain name is docked.

docked page screenshot

Adsense network according to Baidu snapshot of the site information, call the site contact: 0534-5321*** when asked about the situation, the phone call the government said the domain name of the site was docked unknown hang up the phone.

webmaster once reported a series of articles: part of government website information content is not updated for 3 years has been questioned, with government website profit a year 14 million production of the Trojan virus, trojan virus invasion of government website advertising make HeiXinQian use pop-up, why hackers attack sites linked to horse injury is always the government website information website? 3 years do not update such sites exist on what is the meaning of


electronic information era, the government website as a link between government and the masses of the hub, is very important to people, but such an important information platform site closed, domain name is docked, but no official say, it explains what is the problem? Even in some places, just as the government website image project, just window dressing and that, from the website of the government itself is shown on the network business casual, and let the public see some government agencies in the lazy and not as.

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