Amoy Amoy outside the general web site to help sellers direct E


online shop threshold is very low, but how hundreds of thousands of shops in the shadow out, it is not easy. In order to solve this problem, in June 11th, sponsored by the Chinese nets "universal address and Amoy Amoy in the outside to create a new mode of commercial civilization enterprise" Application in Alibaba Chongqing branch network conference held Chinese Internet Network Information Center, Chinese civilink attended the meeting, participants and to introduce a new model of independent marketing in foreign and Amoy Amoy general website promotion mix.

it is understood that the Amoy Amoy last year, when the Chengdu chamber of Commerce, Alibaba network was launched, its innovative independent promotion, double store marketing concept, it attracted tens of thousands of Taobao fans.

as a core service based on Taobao’s strategy in Amoy Amoy outside can help the existing Taobao mall and shop seller, in 20 days, to establish a fully independent ability of network marketing "B2C online shopping mall". The mall product data and Taobao docking, in any one shop to modify product information, will be synchronized to another shop. The two sides of the payment business mall, Alipay still follow the transaction process.


sellers at the same time in the operation of his Taobao store, you can also synchronize Taobao store management system in Amoy Amoy outside" 456 said, due to the open web technology, the seller’s Web sites and have the opportunity to be included in the search engine Baidu, Google. At the same time, an independent domain name address, so Amoy outside with an independent network marketing capabilities, this feature will bring enormous business opportunities for Taobao sellers.

"combined with the general web site, will make Taobao shop sellers such as tiger Tim wing has 123 Chinese said, as Internet users use the earliest web retrieval methods, common URL by keyword and URL to establish the corresponding relationship, implemented in the IE address bar enter to search in the vocabulary, it can reach the target site.


meeting, civilink Chongqing Branch Manager Deng Lin, Taobao demonstrated in Amoy Amoy seller outside combined with the general web site, the whole process of how to realize the fast and safe shopping online shopping. A lot of Taobao seller response, said before the promotion way too single, promotional activities also extend out, often peibenzhuanyaohe. Amoy Amoy now not only brought new hope for the shop owner, but also to bring more new opportunities for marketing, online sales play a key role in promoting.

in order not to miss the opportunity to promote their products in the first time, part of the Taobao site in Amoy Amoy seller ordering service, please expert nets tailored for the characteristics of open shop, Easy Access double store marketing.

data show that as of April 30th this year, has more than 200 stores, including the number of sellers in Chongqing area Taobao about 17130, in the shops, the fierce competition in the huge network team, first established outside the Taobao store sellers and Amoy Amoy, the net goods market will have more business opportunities.