Analysis of B2C website component analysis

After 10 years of development,

e-commerce has entered a period of rapid development. B2C is the slowest developing, but the most potential industry in e-commerce. With the rapid development of the C2C website, the market demand for online shopping is gradually increased, but the existence of C2C product quality assurance, customer service service, discount and other issues, these will be the biggest advantage of B2C to C2C, with the rapid development of online shopping, online shopping diffusion from a single industry to a multi industry and comprehensive industry.

as a B2C site, must have a sound industrial chain and service chain. Industry chain includes: Web site, management and management personnel, products, other tools, etc.; service chain includes: website maintenance and promotion, shopping guide, logistics transportation, after-sales service, etc.. Industrial chain is the basis of service chain, service chain is the application of industrial chain and sublimation.

from the industrial chain, as the four elements of the industrial chain, is the core and foundation of the whole B2C, is the source of life B2C.

website: is the soul of the whole B2C, the framework of the B2C. From the B2C involved in the industry, and regional customers starting, development prospects and comprehensive analysis of market demand and industry, make scientific analysis and reporting system, and website technology and programming, build a network service platform to meet the market demand.


operation and management personnel: is the electronic commerce planners, implementers, operators, from the beginning to the end, to make their own contributions to the website operation and perfection. The whole process is the essence of their manipulation platform to achieve the perfect combination of human services and the internet. E-commerce is a network platform for online shopping and online trading process,

product: it is the blood of e-commerce, constitute a major cycle of e-commerce. E-commerce is based on the product as the core, to online display, offline transactions, online display, online transactions, such as the way the business behavior. The quality of the product directly determines the quality and value of e-commerce.

and other tools such as warehouse, office space, computer, transportation etc.. Is a tool to help implement the above.

Speaking from the

service chain, service chain factors as the site maintenance and promotion, shopping guide, procurement and inventory, logistics and transportation services, customer service, purchasing and inventory matters such as electronic commerce and visceral flesh, constitutes the entire B2C electronic commerce.

website maintenance and promotion refers to the website product information release, update and product information interaction, through the network or traditional media to make the site’s product information is more people understand and accept. This factor is the basis for the development of the entire website and B2C e-commerce and information products.

shopping guide refers to when the customer knows that the website has this kind of product and then to the site, and then use the fastest way to make customers understand the website and products. Shopping guide is a bridge between customers and products, through the shopping guide to enable customers to quickly learn products, customer service.