Analysis of the reasons for the frequent revision of Taobao

This year,

Jingdong listed, is also listed, the invisible pressure people believe that every Alibaba could feel. The first is the failure of Alibaba listed in Hongkong, then planning wildly beating gongs and drums in the United States, but a single brush, fake and all kinds of negative information in Taobao is rampant, the listing is definitely not the Everything is going smoothly. The powerful competitor suddenly does not make Ma on tenterhooks, but did not sit idly by his style, therefore, the recent Taobao frequent revision indicates that this year still hope to have as big, make more profit.

from the first train, as Taobao’s main tool to make money, the usual click cost has so many businesses complain incessantly, and during big promotion activities is rising, spending on CCTV, the portal several hundred million advertising fees earned back soon. From the recent thousand thousand faces after the revision, the author before seeing a colleague when women’s promotion, a baby selected more than and 100 words, in his words, thousands of thousands of people face, you need to add more keywords to have more opportunities, promotion strategy has not before thirty or forty keywords accuracy of promotion. From this point of view, although the new version of the car is respected personalized search, but to some extent is to allow businesses to consume more advertising fees. From the previous 13 show to upgrade to the 16, in fact, the purpose is very simple, is to achieve this year’s sales of $40 billion through train. Where should the sales breakthrough? If only depend on the continuous training of some new sellers, let the seller tasted the sweetness of additional train promotion fee is more difficult, because the base is relatively small. The station traffic has been very difficult to have a big growth, this time can only continue to increase the advertising, the traffic again for a distribution, the cost of the business to spend more natural. From a practical point of view, the women’s shop through the car is indeed much more expensive, a month before the 40 thousand yuan to become a promotional fee of $70 thousand, and ROI from the previous close to 3 into about 1.5. While a cosmetics shop through the car before a day to spend 1500 yuan, about 1.2 of ROI, after which it becomes a day to spend 700 yuan, ROI is about 0.6, of course, this also with the industry in the off-season has a certain relationship.

and from the drilling exhibition, the light on the home page to increase a lot of display. The original 3 small screen, the size of 190*90 increased 3 in the small screen in Figure 2, the station _PC_ Taobao home page _ column 1 (870*70) is a newly added resources,




is only limited to the store merchants. The station _PC_ Tmall home page _ column 1 (1190*90) is a newly added,