Google Adsense application tips

since the end of the year, Google Adsense application is more stringent.

what is the reason?

I think many grassroots to want to make money through the network "and this phenomenon is also popular in recent years with the SEO money related training, what so-called experts are cheating veteran. About it. Because they are basically cheating. So, Google have to account to maintain order, and improve the Google the application of the threshold of.


network grassroots common practice is:

1 uses a new website to apply. No wonder they didn’t stand up, or IP was punished;

2 form alliance points;

3 sometimes malicious to point to other people’s advertising;

4 account is gram, use the website of others to apply;

caused a number of grams of account.

Google in response to these circumstances, proposed countermeasures;

1 domain name must be in more than six months, blocking the new grassroots access;

2 domain name must be the same as your name, home address, blocked the use of other people’s Web site to apply;

3 requires content on the web site, blocking most of the obvious dumpster;

4 pairs of cheating resolutely lose.

so it seems that the webmaster want to through the website to do Google Adsense, had to honestly do stand. This also led to the garbage station to station for English army go forward with great strength and vigour of.

maybe after a year or so, English garbage stations will be innumerable.

talk so much, what is the secret to apply Google Adsense


a word: honest do stand.

first: enterprise website system