The day was not a dream of P5000 network

network is a new station webmaster can not be ignored! Do not believe you can go to see

QQ BOOKMARK!The key words

"QQ space code" of the station was 24W collection, imagine, if you look at the 1 time per day, then IP is 24W per person, to not find the homepage browsing, 10, so his PV is 240w. A little more than that? That is divided by 10, that is, every day there are 10 people in the, then his IP and PV is 2.4W and 24w.

so high flow, what is the advertising revenue? Probably, 24W * 1% * 0.05=120 one day, I was at 1% points and the calculation of the amount of


is not difficult to see that this is the 1 network to traffic! Not to search engines and other traffic, visible to pick an important promotion in


I would like to introduce a method:

to submit sites included page feeds their contents, each page is very important! There are a lot of links, such as Baidu Tibet, QQ bookmarks, sina VIVI, and 1520 Entertainment Group etc…..

These are a large group of

tools, you download the plug-in can submit a key, the efficiency is quite high


also, it is the most important today: join the network alliance


I would say that 1520 entertainment fanchon! I heard recently engaged in activities, as long as the members Send VIP permission, can take pictures Oh! Oh, I have to apply for a, for less than 1 hours, you can take pictures! As can be automatically included in all stations have not tried,! We are interested in do not like to see

!After joining

, will get a few styles of code! Of course, I will not let you add code to the page, where? Oh, to the inside of the 404.htm! We all know that 404 of the error surface! A blank page, I suggest adding his 1000PX code, quite nice to! The above helps spider feeding. Connections are connected to your own collection of pages, if you can get a home page recommended that better Oh!

webmaster network is not a 404 design contest? Everyone in the following design, their play Oh! Anyway, are connected to their own stand, why not do it? Ha ha!

there is SEO optimization, I posted in the webmaster network "on the day of the IP5000 is not a dream of SEO optimization", which is inadvertently made!

Welcome to Baidu

the last 1520 Post Bar post! Thank you! This station feeds by