Double 11 into the seven year itch Carnival electricity supplier is chicken ribs

one hundred people talk about electricity providers

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as an important sub brand of Guangdong (International) e-commerce conference, a hundred people to talk about electricity supplier micro survey has been accompanied by electricity supplier conference in Guangdong went to the third.

in 2013, we use telephone interviews and interviews, respectively on the five topics, each topic invited 20 business professionals to talk about their views, they interviewed 100 people, this is the "people talk about the origin of the electricity supplier. At the same time, began to try to solicit comments on micro-blog.

2014, the innovation foundation of our last year on the line, keep the interview unchanged, the online part extended to micro-blog, WeChat end to comment and vote, to set up a bridge of communication between professionals and ordinary people, an online and offline dialogue. Then we found that more than electricity supplier practitioners, from government officials, experts, traditional businesses to online shopping consumers, everyone has too many ideas to express.

2015, we focus on the internet. The three consecutive years of investigation, through the continuation and follow-up of the same topic, we found that the views of users and experts have some subtle changes. In some traces can also get a glimpse of Internet tide changing under the.

Zhang Yong

– the topic origin

2015 double 11 has ended, there is no suspense to refresh the record again in 24 hours. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that in 2015, the total sales of 11 double network platform for the first time more than one hundred billion yuan. Ali Tmall, a turnover of over 90 billion yuan, coupled with Jingdong, Suning, Gome, Dangdang, Amazon and other electricity supplier companies in China, once again set off a wave of national shopping.

since 2009, spearheaded by the Alibaba’s "double 11" business promotion section has entered "the seven year itch". In today’s China, there are not many people remember the "double 11" earliest "singles day" meaning, this was no concern of man-made festivals on the large events like the rapid growth of electricity industry and the whole effect of the retail industry. As for the electricity supplier companies, double 11 also from a simple merchandise discount war, entered the electricity supplier ecosystem competition, involving sales, marketing, payment, logistics, multiple links. It is worth noting that this year, the market trend is very obvious duopoly, Ali has become almost Suning and Jingdong Tencent competition between the two clusters. At the same time, the "double 11" after the aftermath still attracted a lot of controversy, including fraud, false price, single brush business peibenzhuanyaohe, logistics constraints and other issues remain to be resolved. Nanfang Daily reporter Wu Zhe intern high Yuanhua

Zhang Yong (Alibaba group CEO)

this is the seventh time that we have a double, and this year we have created a number of "first": the first eleven