Discount mystery 10% is a turning point higher than the sales volume instead of 15%


everyone likes to discount, so sometimes the discount will be effective. Consumers feel they save money, businesses stimulate sales, we are happy.

need quantitative evidence in the marketing tool Coupon Pop release, only four months, has stimulated the sales of all business customers in the 20%. Businesses to collect email addresses, fans and social networking site tracking, when consumers pay more attention to the store and use their coupons, usually more than 2.5 times the probability of visiting the store’s website. Throughout the process, sales have gone up.

but we’re not the focus today, the focus is on you. How do you optimize your discount to consumers and we want to answer the most important questions?. When it comes to coupons, you may want to ask yourself, where is the best discount point?

does a high discount really bring more sales?

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basic principle, the consumer will buy it, this can be derived linear logic. You may think that consumers love discount discount, so the higher the more to do.

reality is a little complicated. We would like to thank Professor Dan Ariely and his work through him that we now know that people are not always rational. The following are some of the comprehensive data analysis, can give us point to the exact point, at that point above the discount rate, there is no effect of stimulating consumption.

want to know how to optimize your discount to increase your sales?. Let’s start from the very beginning.


using the Coupon Pop tool to do the statistics, we counted the behavior of up to ten million consumers within a month period, take a look at their response to different discount rates.


is the name of the country we are exploring:



we group visitors and sales by the percentage of discounts offered by businesses. We then divide the sales of each group by the number of consumers that are brought about by each group. We removed the extreme value of both ends, to avoid the data to join those big businesses, those who can earn $4-8 per week through our tools businesses, with other small and medium enterprises will be cross data.

our goal is to find the most effective discount percentage is how much, that is, the percentage of visitors to the shopping site can be converted into actual sales. To find out, we counted the number of sales per one thousand visitors.