A summary of the promotion and operation mode of low level blog four


today and we explore fourth questions: how to effectively promote the depth of


talking about the promotion, you may have a set of patterns, means no matter how, to promote this thing, see is "efficacy", a king, a loser. However, it is not easy to find a way that is suitable for yourself, and it is not a waste of effort and has a therapeutic effect. For now, blogger are used to promote the behavior of the following:

The following contents:

is a reference to a
, resources as the basis; (such as the provision of certain resources, and bound to publicize their site in which
four, the online community platform, with the promotion of soft Wen; (A5, CHINAZ, Post Bar, behind micro-blog, Tianya……)
five, with other platform, build multiple blogs; (Sina’s "low once blog", and its "low once blog"……)
six, based on search engines, SEO first; (keyword optimization, description, streamlined code specification……)
seven, buy ads based on Money; (Alimama, Baidu, Google alliance, Adwords……)

these behaviors are the most common and widely used. However, whether you are right? This was after your repeated screening: "have the resources at hand, consider first; usually the Internet time, love around the circle, can choose second ways; global master, master Q by 3 and 4, it is the best choice for business"; "this will build blog, too tired, the only suggestion on the blog to eat of the students’ work; and the SEO master are different, their inherent advantages, which in many bloggers’ most carefree and content ‘; of course, if willing to spend a little money on it, and occasionally go might also be advertising……"

but now a problem puzzling is: when you choose a surface is very suitable for their own road, you go for a walk, but found no obvious "effect", this is why? How about this? How many bloggers have been so on abandon or interrupt? Low once today talk about the views on the issue of

!First of all,

is a process of accumulation. At work it is very rare, do need a common heart: not a moment of loneliness and loss, not three days fishing nets two days of drying. When you choose a way, you have to establish confidence, do not go in the end never look back. For example, low for a long time, has always been to adhere to the use of resource sharing to tie propaganda, it must be single-minded, blindly to do this thing, continue to use >