mplantable advertising and soft text whether there is a common ground

in recent years, along with some of the hit TV drama, let us know a new advertising model – Product placement. What is the Product placement? Product placement (Product Placement) also called (Product Placement Marketing) embedded marketing, refers to a product or brand and its visual symbols or representative service content strategy into the movie, television or television programs, through the reproduction of the scene, let the audience impression of the product and brand, then, to achieve the purpose of marketing. Product placement and media integration, construct the audience real life or the ideal situation is a part of the goods or service information to non performance method of advertising, the audience in the unconscious modality, quietly instilled in the audience. Because of its hidden features, implantable advertising is also known as embedded advertising or soft advertising. From the movie "mobile phone" to "A World Without Thieves", and the recent hit TV series "struggle", "Invincible Ugly", and then to the network video Product placement UGA, Product placement has been get in by every opening to permeate into our life. The rise of the SNS site also further promote the development of implantable advertising, 09 years of implantable advertising will usher in a peak.

As a kind of recessive advertisement,

embedded advertisement combines the traditional media with the traditional media, so as to make the goods and service information in the form of non advertising to accept the user unconsciously. Because of its confidentiality, it is also known as embedded advertising or soft advertising. Product placement and soft Wen is as a tacit propaganda, pursuit is a kind of silent salutary influence of education, communication effect. There are different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful. So soft and implantable advertising has what difference and contact it?


vectors. Soft Wen general type in the language as the carrier, and Product placement, in addition to television, Internet TV, video website, SNS is also a hot carrier, in the form of text permeates to the Internet is the largest real Product placement.

advertising information and communication content. The advertising information and communication content of implantable advertising is often an inherent logical relationship, there is no direct correlation. For example, in the network game scene into the computer hardware business advertising, although there is no direct correlation between, but because the game groups have hardware consumption demand, with the network game can achieve its marketing concept is very good. The soft Wen is often only the use of the content of the article mentioned the need to promote the relevance of goods and services to promote information, click on the hyperlink to achieve the purpose of advertising or website.

contact advertising in different ways. Although soft and implantable advertising are implicit way to allow users to accept. However, the spread of implantable advertising initiative triggered by the user. As the film and television work, a star to use some brand notebook computer, when users see this scene, because the star effect, and interested in the brand, and take the initiative to search the related information and advertising. Or see yourself in an article