Comrade social software Blued complete C and C two hundred million dollars in financing

June 1st, gay social software Blued officially announced that the company has recently completed the C round and C+ round of hundreds of millions of dollars in financing. C round of financing led by Ventech China investment, Hongkong new world group, BAI and DCM with the cast, C+ round of investment led by Jia imperial capital, in the hands of the tour with the vote.

comrades social software Blued complete C and C+ two hundred million dollars in financing


at present, Blued has completed five rounds of financing, as an angel round Shanghai road capital investment, A round of clean capital investment, B round Shun collar for capital investment, with investment of DCM.

Blued is currently the most popular, the world’s largest number of users of social applications such as comrades. As of February 2016, Blued has 27 million registered users worldwide, including overseas users accounted for more than 20%, more than 600.

Blued officially launched in early 2016 commercialization, in the field of mobile marketing, video broadcast and other fields have achieved good results, revenue growth and profitability. Especially the live video function on the line, App Store Blued ranked the top 4 best-selling social.

Geng Le said that after the completion of the C round and C+ round of financing, the company will focus on international and commercial development. Build social entertainment platform, the layout of the pink economic ecosystem, will become the focus of this year’s commercial company. Its conservative estimate, in 2016 Blued revenue target will be more than several hundred million yuan.

at present, Blued has simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French and Japanese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese language version nine, users in over more than and 190 countries and regions, and has been in the area of Taiwan, the United States, Thailand and other places to set up offices, to provide localization services for users.

it is reported that this round of financing in June announced that, because June is the world’s "Gay Pride Month" during this period, Blued and Uber, ink weather, little information and other enterprises in the "Rainbow wave" as the theme of marketing activities.