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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) February 4th news yesterday, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the thirty-fifth China Internet development statistics report. The following are the main contents of the report:

as of December 2014, the number of IPv4 addresses is 332 million, with IPv6 address of 18797 /32. The total number of domain names in China is 20 million 600 thousand, of which the ".CN" domain total annual growth of 2.4%, reached 11 million 90 thousand, accounting for the total number of domain names in 53.8%  in Chinese;. The total number of websites in China is 3 million 350 thousand, an annual increase of 4.6%; the number of sites under.CN is. International export bandwidth of 4118663Mbps, an increase of 20.9% .

2014, the use of desktops, notebooks and other traditional Internet equipment rate remained stable, the use of mobile Internet devices rate further growth, emerging home entertainment terminal network TV rate reached a certain percentage. Through computer access to the Internet and the proportion of Internet users in China in 2013 at home, Internet cafes, work flat, in the school through the computer Internet access rate increased slightly, an increase of 3.4 percentage points in public computer, airports, cafes, restaurants and other public places to provide wireless network environment, make public places as a supplement network office, entertainment sites.

2014, 46.3% of the total Internet users suffered cyber security issues, the security situation of China’s personal Internet use is not optimistic. In the event of a security, computer or mobile phone virus or Trojan, account or password theft is the most serious, respectively, 26.7% and 25.9%, in the online consumer fraud ratio was 12.6% . To maintain network security, needs the government, enterprises and users of three party group policy group, all users should strive to enhance self-protection awareness and skills, improve the identification and resistance to false and harmful information, build a secure network environment.

as of December 2014, the scale of China’s Internet users reached 649 million, a total of more than a year of new Internet users of 31 million 170 thousand people. Internet penetration rate of 47.9%, compared with the end of 2013 increased by 2.1 percentage points. According to the survey, the new Internet users in 2014 the most important Internet equipment is a mobile phone, the utilization rate of 64.1%, due to the role of mobile phone users to promote growth has weakened, so the new Internet users mobile phone usage is lower than 73.3%  in 2013;. Since 2014, new users of students accounted for 38.8%, much higher than the old users in the 22.7% groups of students, and the Internet scene for the school and family, the new Internet users use desktop computer in 2013 compared to the proportion increased significantly, up to 51.6% .

in 2014, China’s Internet users per capita online access up to 26.1 hours, compared with the end of the year increased by 1.1 small – 2013