When cheating becomes SP norm

      MII recently focused on the exposure of 69 SP enterprises violations, the legal representative of the name for the "publicity" of the. But to tell the truth, we are too lazy to report, I believe that the majority of readers on the punishment of SP news has read fatigue. The regular and irregular will put the illegal SP pull out "parade", but I want to ask is, how these illegal SP with weeds as "not wild fire"?

      from the statistics, the illegal SP is less and less; mobile phone users according to their poorer frequency, I believe it can feel the "SMS trap", SP charges reduced. However, to tell you a figure, you may still be scared: in the second quarter of this year, the country has been punished SP companies up to 511 (times). The previous data is more frightening: in 2006, Guangdong Mobile’s 1212 SP, subject to various types of penalties on up to 580 (times).

      such a large area of violations, simply spectacular. Can only say that the rules have become a common problem in the SP industry.

      look at what these SP have done. In the penalty list, ranked first in the "crime" is "trick users consumption", the simple point is that money. In fact, this is a good, if in the past, it is not money, but the money directly to book your business, then Everfount to take your money, but you don’t know.

      of course, this is not the SP made a good heart, but regulation of pocket tightens, the operator’s network vulnerabilities and loopholes in the system have been blocked, SP was forced to improve technical content".

      an industry is completely rotten. Today, the English abbreviation of SP has not only become a household name, but also become notorious. Those with value-added telecom business relevant enterprises, are now shunned, lest being SP hat. This is simply the shame of the industry, the country’s sad ah!

      regulators constantly exposed irregularities SP list, apparently in order to quell public anger, that he is not as, show themselves in full combat. However, exposure to exposure to punishment to punishment, there is such a high incidence, explains what?

      the MII announced the punishment measures, the most used seems to be to make corrections. According to my understanding, the so-called ordered correction, that is, you have done wrong, you must correct". For example, your child wrong arithmetic, but also often to be ordered to correct".