Thousand Oaks involved in group buying site on line sticky rice

June 23rd, Thousand Oaks interactive group announced that its group buying site sticky rice has ( formally launched. The site located in the local boutique life guide "for businesses to create" precision marketing platform ", is the social field of electronic commerce in the" fine "version, users, businesses and websites win-win situation.

According to

, vice president of Qianxiang interactive group nuomi director Shen Boyang, the website will be to create a new fashion, exquisite, group purchase website style "to lead consumption; site definition: local boutique life guide. Early operation of the site, glutinous rice network will be based in Beijing, and then expand to other cities.

Shen said, glutinous rice nets relatively high-end positioning in group purchase website, relying on the group’s net, strong media resources, cooperative business information in the rice online, will effectively transfer to high quality target customer groups.

Qianxiang interactive group chairman and CEO Chen Yizhou said, as a comprehensive Internet company, Qianxiang interactive group currently has entertainment, communication, community, and many other attributes of the online Internet business diversification. These sites at the same time, will be entertainment, social, interactive functions as the core value. The introduction of glutinous rice network is relying on the advantages of the community to make a useful attempt to social e-commerce. (end)