Depth interpretation M layout after the acquisition of millet company MSNLite


in a new generation of millet mobile phone will be released when the millet company, on another important product, m chat recently to frequent high-profile appearance, yesterday evening, Lei Jun through micro-blog revealed that in late August 8th 22, m chat online at the same time more than 1 million, accumulated more than 17 million registered users who created a new record.


Another message

but before the release, is caused by the extensive discussion of the industry, that is the millet company announced a high-profile industry famous MSNLite team to join millet company, become an important member of the team under the command of M chat.

this is the second came to a merger with YY, the establishment of IM laboratory, recently in the chat from a heavy news. According to reports, MSNLite is a Lite (Wright) studio in 2010 to start the development of a fully compatible Microsoft MSN client, is the unofficial version of MSN’s closest to the Chinese operating habits of the third party software. Up to now, MSNlite has reached millions of active users. For the acquisition of millet MSNLite, millet co-founder Huang Jiangji said, MSNLite is currently the best use of the third party MSN client software. MSNlite team in the PC client software has a wealth of practical experience, to join millet, no doubt to millet in the development of new research and development of PC client power. At the same time, Huang Jiangji also said that after the MSNLite team to join m chat, will focus on R & D meters chat PC client. By then, m chat will achieve a mobile client and PC client information exchange, more convenient communication between meters chat users. For M chat launched PC client, Huang Jiangji pointed out that the introduction of M chat PC client is mainly due to the needs of users, PC version of chat through the meter, more convenient communication with friends on the M chat, really make communication everywhere. It is reported that, recently, millet has just set up a millet IM laboratory, designed to use the Internet to do the product, the strength of the Internet users to launch QQ, WeChat challenge.

although the news yesterday was disclosed by the media, however, according to media get the news, Millet’s acquisition of the MSNlite team has been completed in early May of this year, in mid May the MSNlite team has been with the millet rice chat team began working together. So, since the acquisition has been completed three months ago, why has not been released to the public until now?


founder Lei Jun millet company has repeatedly said publicly, millet mobile phone, MIUI system and M chat is Millet’s "three carriages", hope to be able to drive the three carriage as a breakthrough, construct an integrated hardware and software and Internet services company almighty. At present, millet >