Fight the goods to complete the B round of financing valuation of nearly 480 million

(original title: extra! Together goods completed B round of financing, valuation of nearly 480 million dollars)


[Shanghai] hunting cloud network reported on December 23rd (by Su Qi)

today, market rumors spell good goods completed a $50 million B round of financing, this hunting cloud network (WeChat: ilieyun) to verify the good fight Wu mei. The other confirmed together goods has recently completed B round of financing, the investor is Gao Rong capital and IDG, the current valuation of nearly $480 million. But for the specific amount of financing, Wu Mei said it did not disclose.

two months ago, in an interview with the hunting cloud, just hit the top of the list of goods IOS free list, the daily order of the peak value of about 40-50. Now the peak reached nearly 1 million, and the peak with the WeChat service number of tweets regularly appear. And tens of millions of active users.

in the category, just before the good fruit. Now add frozen steak, like salmon, also like milk, nuts, dried fruit, dried pork, office workers love snacks.

direct mining is a good place to fight a good product, compared to the previous 10 kinds of fruits and less than 20% of the coverage, and now the platform has been done directly to the origin of fruit gathered more than 30 kinds. In this category of fruit, the proportion of direct mining area of nearly 50%.

The proportion of

is very important to us, which means there is a big difference in quality between our fruit and fruit stand. Wu Mei to hunt cloud said, our outer packing on India dare bad fruit Baopei, also a reflection of the quality of.

for a new round of financing to how to use this problem, the current fight goods covered more than and 20 provinces, and then will go to more cities to shop. Another attempt to expand the class. Wu Mei told the hunting cloud network covers more people, only, the amount of make up, origin direct mining ratio had the opportunity to further improve. The team in terms of categories in more hands and try to do.


spell good CEO Huang Zheng still hope team in the rapid development of "slowly", each category expanded to be more careful, otherwise the damage will be great.

fight the goods in April this year, melt the A round, in the end of the B round of melt in December. For such a rapid development, has admitted luck inside Wu Mei, because this product group mode for the cumulative number of users have their own advantages in it. But the electricity supplier in the field has been for 8 years the team hold for this kind of luck. Sometimes, more important than luck, the ability to accumulate good luck.

in the face of rapid development, the team also has a lot of pressure. In the operation, the team to maintain a sustained and steady growth, and in terms of personnel, want to achieve the vision of the product, there is still a long way to go.