The promotion of local soft gifts industry website promotion plan

  Web site goals and positioning:

gift industry website construction of the preliminary positioning is: to create a local gift industry portal, traditional physical gift companies and craft gift manufacturers interactive e-commerce trading platform.

initial goal: the use of 6 months, the site will become the same type of site in the most professional, most comprehensive and most promising site.

: the medium-term target of 6 months, the e-commerce platform website to professional gift online business transformation, and nationwide gift source manufacturers to carry out various forms of cooperation, to attract more resources into the platform of gifts.

long-term goal: the use of 12 to 24 months time, the site will be transported as a professional craft gift industry e-commerce trading platform, the website plays the dual identity of e-commerce products suppliers and intermediary service providers. Web services to advertising fees, merchant service fees, intermediary service fees, gifts and other projects to promote the project.

combined with 4C oriented website construction considerations:

1, looking for accurate visitors, all from the visitors, is committed to each visitor into customers and consumers;

2, website construction project quantity and function development project must comply with the construction cost budget, not Tandaqiuquan, will not be able to burn waste;

3, consumers in our online platform how convenient, all to the convenience of consumers as the center of the network construction work;

4, website construction should pay attention to our brand, image and services and goods to the visitors, but also pay attention to collect feedback.

phase 1: attention marketing and promotion

website strategy

marketing strategy throughout the process of website construction, Xuzhou online gift city strategy pattern is: industry website + gift promotion projects, and timely update, planning to launch a series of gift exchange activities and emphasize the theme, interactivity, convenience.

email promotion

email is one of the most effective methods of network license marketing. Divided into: advertising e-mail, electronic magazine two. The former obtains the first attention through the widespread dissemination of mail information; the latter through the user permission, obtains the regular, the directional propaganda effect, plays a multiplier effect;

search engine optimization

statistics show that more than 50% of the spontaneous visits from search engines, the effective use of search engine optimization is one of the necessary means to promote attention, with both search engines should pay attention to the wording and choose this engine, we should pay attention to regular tracking filling effect, and make reasonable amendments or supplements.

information platform release

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