Actual case how to combine the wine shop and WeChat


as an excellent social software, has been favored by more and more people, not only in domestic has been very popular, even when I travel in Southeast Asia and other places, also from time to time to see the local people play this software, we can use this phenomenon to understand a bit — WeChat’s influence can not be ignored. So as a red wine store business, how can you use this software to promote their services?

1, WeChat to promote the preparation of

want to use WeChat to set a group of useful active fans, many believe this is the wine store owner want to achieve the most things, but the micro signal and the number of public promotion stores (hereinafter referred to as double), is not an overnight thing, there must be a series of preparations.

, for example, a wine store in order to make their number can be smoothly promoted out, so the use of wine tasting, delivery, brochures, booklets and other traditional marketing mode for name card. However, this method is effective, but need to spend a lot of money to prepare for work. Yet another wine store abandoned such promotion, use another online mode, continue to use the circle of friends such as blogs, and old customers recommend, regional forum, social Post Bar channels in-depth collection of effective fans. This model cost more to save, but early effect is not very obvious, but as time accumulation can form a stable customer groups, therefore, for the preparation of WeChat promotion of such a model, if you can do it, can be effective.

2, the use of various means to add customers WeChat

what kind of means can attract potential customers to add wine store WeChat account, then you should make more use of course, everything needs to be based on legitimate and reasonable, for example, a circle of friends to share, if some good wine on the contents of the information, we can vigorously promote, but if in order to promote and promote it, then it may involve WeChat minefield, we need to be vigilant.

then we will give an example, so that we can learn more about how to add red wine store WeChat friends. We all know that the wine store actually can hold wine tasting form to realize their own advertising, at this moment as long as we open their mobile phone WeChat, in the "mail list" inside the box, there is a "+", when we click on the go in to have a "add friends" function. We can use the sweep to add, of course, the best way is to let the wine tasting the host at the meeting announced together to open the "radar friend" function, then you can put the wine tasting micro signal within the scope of collection together.

In fact,

above is just one way to add customers of WeChat, we can always find more other means in the course of the practical application, as long as we can define their ultimate goal is what you can. < >