PHPWind and Discuz financing competition strategy of burn

these days in the IT media, see the most, are talking about PW and Dz, Dz may be the second round of financing to spend money, the technique is relatively high, techweb on several manuscripts, and then began the media quickly reproduced, but also hard to them. So, a big weekend, have to ask people to edit the work post to find out from the anonymous ruins, linked to the home page, is dedicated. But think carefully, this may be the Dz’s strategy, the simple truth:

1 first hearsay to say is being sold, these messages are mostly scattered out from behind the techweb and

, this is why?

2 people sell not sell you, regardless of the consequence, a word directly sure, then the next content is more exciting, soldier points a few road, first say sell worthless, is a waste; again a website mainly sold all suffer, then a spoof of Ma, said the acquisition is a failure;

3 then began to insult the PW content directly on behalf of the staff, said PW had previously been feared the wages, said the family internal unity, your own? Gao Chunhui away, his.Net programmer snowman is gone, the core of the development of a few, the rest is in marketing, is in the lobby to provide free services to the people to the forum, now also went to Wenchuan chaos, not professional rescue teams, as well as so interesting, celebrities really


4 look at that fat in the DoNews market share compared to what post it, from the 1 floor to the 12 floor, that is not your vest


was also his master roster out, said the United States and its name is a list of website promotion, look carefully, it, pet, area portal, exam sites, lawyers, occupation managers, audio forum, I really don’t know what is this promotion, covering the industry quite widely…… May I with very limited knowledge and scanty information.


even if the letter of your data, I want to ask you for more than 1 years burning tens of millions in venture capital, if the market really as you say, this is followed by the second round of the third round, you are not holding, just as can be imagined, not too much, the market is not like you.

said the truth, no PW to contain your development, let you do this, you have been in a carefully prepared community marketing, mandatory software integration, even more based on the version of the money, estimate your world, who again confronted you not


safe life, practical work, this time, more than good products, to look at DZ, but announced 10 weapon, is the integration of uch and marketing case, really anxious for adsense.