Zhejiang’s most popular portal site selection to close the distance between the Expo and the webmast

with the year 2010 Shanghai World Expo spirit entered the final countdown stage, around a variety of activities in World Expo have also become the focus of attention, including "Zhejiang’s most popular portal site selection activities" of concern, since according to the activity since April 15th to enter the voting stage, hundreds of thousands of daily visits, even once the network congestion shows hot degree.

Zhejiang World Expo

significant significance

reporters found that the initiator system price comparison, and collaborative Chinese A5 webmasters a popularity contest, Zhejiang more than eighty county-level city portal combined organized by the organizers, hoping World Expo to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the Internet industry in Zhejiang, but also World Expo docking, an initiative to promote World Expo.

according to reports, price comparison network will be the "Zhejiang’s most popular portal" contest in World Expo schedule, is mainly the integration of World Expo, hoping to promote exchanges and learning in World Expo, Zhejiang Internet portal, based on enhancing service quality, improve the service system of the purpose, so as to enhance the overall level of the industry.

in Zhejiang Province as the target major portals of the event, is intended to focus on the grassroots webmaster, Zhejiang province pays close attention to the Internet backbone; also coincides with the Labor Day approaching, activities are also on certain years of efforts and attention webmaster; at the same time also hope that through the Shanghai World Expo the opportunity to provide a communication and interaction, a learning platform for the webmaster, one can let the webmaster have a party, will provide a free trip to World Expo for the owners of Tourism Awards; on the other hand, is also conducive to the development of the Internet in Zhejiang Province, the integration of resources to promote industrial complementarity.

each door station as an honor to actively participate in

it is reported that this event is expected to plan early invited to participate in the selection portal site is 50, but with the activities of the enrollment exceeded 80, far beyond the expected, "the actual participation in the site than expected more than 20, but we do early planning measures, did not affect the activity of the the process, on the line after the event has a portal to enroll, we will choose the appropriate good portal site." Wang said the organizing committee.

feedback information through the activities of the owners, participation and canvassing efforts are reflect the activities of the attention, reporters through a random telephone contact for the webmaster, although the activities offered is World Expo free travel awards, but the owners said that they pay more attention to is an honor, an industry awareness, at the same time hope to take this platform with their peers more exchanges and learning.

users support favorite portal to vote busy

activity through the portal in greatly improving the influence, also gathered the various portals of popularity, netizens have their own regional portal voting, canvass. This event is not a simple user portal