Alert beware of improper methods by the network marketing

now for the network marketing should be all the people are not strange, as long as you surf the Internet, you will find the WeChat circle of friends, QQ space, community forums and Post Bar etc. marketing is already "rampant advertising", let people doubt this marketing to sell to you, I have consulted some random side to do network marketing friends, the result is also good, that is to say or marketing can bring some business".

In fact, the popularity of network marketing

is definitely not illusion, such waves can not whim so simple, it should be said that this is the development trend of the times, the network does poineering work forces to create a prosperous marketing this way, but this way is correct or not, right and wrong can not give the answer, only consumers know in your heart, then the network whether the marketing problems? If there is a problem, then the problem where all


advertising to every corner of the overlay network.

may be constrained by the traditional concept of marketing, the network marketing is nothing more than the city of "distribute leaflets without a", coordination, organization and holistic planning of the main ideas, only in the pure pursuit to publicity of information is best able to float in the internet. In fact, the promotion of advertising is to have a lot of drawbacks, can not deny the value of its existence, but it does not have any stability, on the next step of marketing can not form a basic advantage. Advertising coverage network is impossible to achieve, in the vast amount of information in the network, we are covered in each other, to the end, there must be a kind of garbage. So, this advertising idea is wrong, there are significant limitations, and will cause a lot of waste of resources, even no echo and purpose, the effect is not very strong. Advertising marketing in terms of skills can only be used as a bait for their own accumulation of the market as well as the source of the latter consolidation.

network marketing approach is very low-end.

is now the network marketing has entered a dead end, this dead end especially misleading, even without a certain trust, many places have set up Saul "network advertising, ads pollution clean place. So the network marketing since being considered cheating and engage in pyramid schemes, this is not a great tragedy, it all comes down to the single way of network marketing and low-end industry is pushing the quality is not high, but they will not let you go, trying to squeeze in a few ads, spurned by the people. Therefore, the network marketing need to change their own, this can learn from some successful cases, such as millet and Apple’s marketing model. The first is to straighten out their own worth, marketing channels from the low-end, those with a "grass root" people always can not afford; secondly, watch marketing here, let people crush to buy our goods; the last word of mouth is the best marketing, this still applies to network marketing. In short, the network marketing or that sentence, they look down on themselves, do not want others to see you.

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