Some results of CHANet tricky how many owners need to beware of

believe that many webmaster know the results of network alliance, achievement network alliance profit model is advertising results will be pulled into the main achievements of alliance, then advertising recommended to the webmaster, Adsense ads on the site, with the actual sales are divided into single or transactions to calculate, arguably this there is not much problem, many domestic e-commerce company also according to this proportion into.

recently I encountered the problem is that some unscrupulous website actually use the results of three means of abuse, buckle stationmaster income, with no credentials as an excuse to withhold income not to pay.

Details are as follows:

When the

in 2009, the results of a domestic CHANET website ( for the advertising alliance, after seeing the results of an activity network to the webmaster recommended "Korean sweater free lattice", during the event as long as users can pay the cost of mailing free to receive a sweater, I think so have certain appeal to users, so in the website of "Shenzhen Kewang spell" advertising, one month down it’s good results, a short period of time, there are 28 users participated in these activities, in accordance with the original contract revenue should be 28*2=56 yuan, I think this kind of activity. So they have put on other types of activities, one or two months earnings down compared to other advertising is also good. There’s nothing wrong with that.


problem for some time ago open alliance income view, it is not actually to charge, I feel very strange, from A to Z by time is also almost close to a year, why has not obtained the proper benefits, with these problems the author consults the achievements of net customer service, get the results actually it is also not sure if I want to collect revenue? You must provide the participants mailing list, here I believe we can see the crux of the problem, even if another ability of the webmaster can not collect to participate in activities of users mailing list, but as a webmaster does not know what the users own website participate in the activities, and how to contact them, believe that station owners are aware of this problem, and finally with the customer advisory services when the other party has no any He responded.

once again I remind you, and do website alliance must select the results of a trustworthy and good reputation of the alliance, or encounter such unscrupulous alliance own efforts do not say, we just sweat.

finally announced the results of the Union’s Web site address, so as not to be more deceived:

CHANet results network network advertising alliance:

attached to the results of my records, so as not to be false:

in the results network ( Commission report record