WAL MART push online shopping new features can be paid in the store cash

Beijing on April 27th news, WAL-MART web site Walmart.com said on Thursday that the company today launched a project called "cash payment" (Pay with Cash) new features, allowing users online orders to buy goods, and then pay at the nearby WAL-MART retail store.

Walmart.com president and CEO Joel – (Joel Anderson), said the new features are those who do not have a credit card or debit card consumers. He pointed out: "in our retail chain, only 15% of the transaction is to credit card payment form, this means that in fact WAL-MART customers, have accounted for a large percentage of customers also rely on cash to conduct online transactions. We believe that this is a major opportunity."

in the use of "cash payment" function, consumers online shopping activities, then within 48 hours, to the local WAL-MART store or Walmart Neighborhood Market to pay for payment; once the order is completed, then the consumer goods ordered will be delivered.

industry pointed out that mobile payment and digital wallet and other futuristic concept rampant under the present situation, the concept of the launch of WAL-MART is quite simple. But Mr Anderson points out that consumers will be able to buy a lot of goods that can’t be bought in a physical store by opening the site to consumers who use only cash. In addition, if the consumer is to buy goods for the gift, then no longer have to buy in the physical store and deliver their own.

Anderson said that WAL-MART has developed its own technology, but other services have begun to provide similar functionality. For example, PayNearMe, headquartered in mountain view, California allows users to purchase on the major online retailer’s website, and then pay in the 7-11 convenience store.