11 before the appointment of 16 and two problems electricity supplier Xianhengpeifu

Beijing News (reporter Du Ding) for the upcoming "double 11" peak online shopping promotion day, yesterday, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau administrative guidance in the electronic commerce enterprise, advance centralized administrative appointment Jingdong mall 16 e-commerce enterprises, calm period demands enterprises to give consumers 7 days, once for goods or service quality problems of consumer disputes, the enterprise should Xianhengpeifu consumer.

according to reports, the winter network sales boom continued from November until the following year in February. Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau statistics show that this year, the amount of complaints involving e-commerce accounted for 50% of the total number of complaints.

consumers reflect the main problems: businesses to unilaterally cancel the order and fulfill their promotional activities for business commitments; delay in delivery, delay to return repair responsibility; electronic product quality problems; Web page on the merchandise does not match with the actual problems; customer service personnel security, consumer disputes can not get timely treatment; the page appears "shall not be returned by the terms of overlord" sold, or "one hundred percent" in absolute terms.

according to the above problems, early warning, Industrial and Commercial Bureau e-commerce business, enterprises in the promotion, specific promotion period, should be equipped with adequate pre-sales, customer service personnel, actively and properly handle consumer inquiries and complaints.

in addition, enterprises should give consumers 7 days of calm, once because of the quality of goods or service quality problems arise consumer disputes, enterprises should first pay consumers, enhance consumer protection efforts.

City Trade and Industry Bureau also requires companies to do the work of contingency plans. On the eve of the promotion activities, enterprises should make adequate preparations for commodity and technical support, and formulate plans to deal with emergencies or mass incidents.