Dangdang officially replace LOGO with the monkey endorsement


Beijing, October 27, October 27 electricity through double 11 war, dangdang.com officially replace the LOGO, and with a new idea of "dare Dangdang" appearance. Dangdang also announced a new family of cartoon characters – Dangdang monkey. This image through the havoc four word slogan has been turned out, many users believe that this year’s double 11, to start a war worthy of the name "cat dog monkey". Tmall’s double 11 a big family has been an unprecedented war. Tmall, the Jingdong, the situation is becoming increasingly apparent when a situation of tripartite confrontation.


double play brand attitude, Dangdang Zoupian Jian Feng

dangdang.com officially renamed "Dangdang", and replace LOGO, announced a new brand attitude: "dare dangdang". In the 11 electricity supplier war soon, Dangdang choose to conduct a comprehensive brand upgrade, at the beginning of many industry insiders said too risky. After all, Tmall, Jingdong have been fully prepared for double 11, at the promotional level to launch a fierce propaganda, Dangdang with a brand idea of the impact of the 15 anniversary of the eye is not dominant.

after earning enough eyeballs, Dangdang still did not face the double 11 hard war, which, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing said: the replacement of LOGO and brand new attitude is only the first step in the action dangdang. Behind "dare Dangdang" declaration, for consumers to bear all risks, dare to dare to create a better experience for users, dare to innovate at the way Buweijianxian is Dangdang business 15 years of faith and persistence. It is such a stick, we dare to make a comprehensive transformation of the Chinese electricity supplier to provide consumers with more and better choices. "

brand promotion in the first place, Dangdang 15 days to promote plans to announce

from October 28th to November 11th, the 15 anniversary of the big bang of the next day, after the shock of the slogan, but also stressed that this year’s double Dangdang, more than 50 percent off, more than a day of the day, more than 11, not only a day". Insiders said, Dangdang started the double 11 campaign immediately in the brand promotion, and to Tmall.

foresight fashion transformation, Dangdang started double 11 war first shot

October 27th, Dangdang continued a week of brand awareness campaign. On the eve of the double eleven war, Dangdang to replace logo and slogan, the brand upgrade, this series of actions is to seize the initiative in this year’s double eleven war.

Dangdang plays this brand manifesto "dare Dangdang", was born with a challenger fearless temperament. Whether hold, hold the courage to challenge, personal independence of conduct or support gay anti discrimination, supported with very natural. In other words, all the people who have ever lived in fear and fear, have been in the invisible to please a. When the first is successful by the brand upgrade, the target consumer groups support; followed by promotion, and pull out the sword to a giant in the industry for the high.