Decoding mobile reading in the end to meet the needs of people

Abstract: for future mobile reading, a piece has long been spread like the network, "said before the toilet love take a book, now the toilet with love" is the mobile phone, mobile reading is a true portrayal of the anus, is just.


‘You are you read.’


as open thumb to read the first sentence description. "Like the fragmentation of reading, it confirms our living fragmentation of life scenes. The day on the way to work around the bus or subway to the mobile phone or ebook, night on the head of a bed with iPad sliding……

Although the

shoulder bag is no longer a heavy book, but the book seems to still can smell smell. Behind the mobile reading, the network giants competing layout is strategizing and entrepreneurs. In June 17th, the well-known media people Zuo Zhijian thumb reading App to the Jingdong (see Ti media reports "Jingdong announced the acquisition of the thumb reading," Jingdong reading "will be under the thumb reading", despite his team) said: "this is not a typical internet purchase, I just sell the product, not to sell the team. "But it did not disclose the amount of the transaction, or for the mobile reading industry slightly sad wrote a thick and heavy in colours.

mobile reading, whether or not to read

in the eyes of many people, mobile reading is not really reading.

and media people born like Zuo Zhijian, who is part of a paper book watcher, still willing to spend money to buy high-quality books and magazines. The other part thinks that the mobile phone reading is "no nutrition", just a way to pass the time.

indeed, mobile reading people, many are looking at WeChat, see the scripts, see "chicken soup", and do not say this kind of reading is not representative of the mobile reading group all alone, we can not read what to read all the rules. In addition to a lot of "chicken soup" debauch people and turn them into gangsters, and also have the intelligence piece beneficial effect. Whether it is toilet reading or BAT heavily bet on the network literature or, we have no reason to read this all as a superficial.


BAT still occupies a large mobile reading market half of the country

"chicken soup" and a piece of wide spread, is in the WeChat platform. In September 2014, WeChat has also been reading for the first time included in the Twelfth National Reading survey, the survey Chinese Academy of press and publication organizations showed that the number of Internet users use WeChat to read 2 times / day, reading time every day for nearly 1 hours.

has more independent mobile reading products not included in the statistics, there are three types: one is the mobile reading class App, opening a bookstore directly to charge users, such as thumb reading, read watercress, read more; two is the information.