The first video you do right

5.12 earthquake shook the half a China, shake our hearts, as a webmaster, I like tens of millions of owners out of their most valuable website put donations banner, but when I know the first video like when we do the same, secretly as he can choose this alliance and that, although we are now the first video revenue is more and more low, but the flow is more and more high.

but when I know, I can’t help feeling a little sad, the first video, like a man, you put our advertising all the so-called public service ads, never say a word, at least you mail a letter, a QQ or a MSN, but you are a PM station all join webmaster news, advertisements have become public advertising. Of course, we want to lead the national crisis, but you put all million people united as one man, head of the flow to your seismic thematic pages, I ask you, this is the so-called public interest, said bluntly, this is the hair of national wealth, with all the owners of the 5.12 earthquake traffic to your website, I don’t know how you put in this position, if you really want to charity, you like a man, make a donation page, like Taobao, like QQ, an online donation page, I don’t say a word, and I would like to do the post earthquake reconstruction.

, of course, a lot of people will say the first video also dropped advertising revenue, but everyone from the overall look, so the traffic in the first video, this is the loss of abacus, I do not want to say too much, you experience it.

is not you don’t agree to put advertisements, but this advertisement flow to me against.