Station story on the way to insist

      from the beginning of 1996 1999 monthly Internet access to the Internet, and began a career site.

      the first site to do is: Dreamhunters camera court, because of personal love photography equipment, but also some of the camera, a lot of friends to buy the camera is looking for my help, have also collected a lot of official and non official data, while this information is also online not many friends to support, build the website, then almost all his spare time on the visit, the amount is very large, but because the time is used in free space, often you visit the page because the number is too large, please try again later ", plus the time seconded to work outside, access time is not too fixed, many things can not be updated, and then slowly shut down! Think about the trekking is what ah! Ha-ha。

      their intentions to do second sites is "I want to contribute, the domain name is Alexa, the highest ranking into more than 90 thousand, with the Xiamen IDC space, with more than two years, was very stable, the price seems every year between 299-499, put in the telecom server, because draw on a website is to manually update the page. The system took more than and 300 pieces of silver to buy at the time of Xiao Yu, carefully designed template, with the increase in traffic, put a few of advertising advertising, also received less than 600 yuan advertising costs, but also remember that home banner the advertising fee is 30 yuan per month for two months, was very confident, which know first is the replacement of the IP address, and then often shut the station! Received the letter "your site www.***.net  IP:    due to the (cpu52%), is now off the station, according to the instructions on the site of the program to restructure, database compression. After the operation, I inform the Secretary to open station observation. Update optimization process reference: http://s.*******.com/error/webclose/ thank you for your support! If you have any questions please contact!" And so on, contact customer service that let me change the program database using AQL, do you think I understand ah?! Every time, soon to come on such a gas, and just want to BS ing, traffic line down, there is no mood to update the content, angrily, determined not to let the update, emerge of itself and perish of itself.

      because of his colleague’s wife is a teacher, often need to download some of the courseware, the teaching plan, and so on, but many of these sites charge, they consult me, is not to engage in such a website, I put forward some suggestions; 1, do not buy virtual space, mainly or unstable and many restrictions, or meet.