Have you ever seen an image domain

first do not avoid me is the world’s first image of the creator of the site!


domain name in today’s rampant network era, domain name registration is not what rare thing! To domain name registration types, there are English Italy, Pinyin meaning, auspicious meaning, well meaning, Italy and other name digital domain. The domain name also found another layer of meaning for me in the domain name registration process, that is and ye are pictographic meaning of ancient hieroglyphs a! When you register a domain can not prevent the reference! I registered the o45o.cn car network first I separate the domain name for everyone to see! The estimated one hundred percent people do not see my name! But I can tell you is the bus station! Soon everyone will laugh and feel a bit mean! Ha ha! O45o.cn two O 45 is representative of the car wheels, the car body! Some say it’s over there!!.Cn also pay attention to this is the exhaust gas! Ha ha! Interesting! And the domain name you Feel fresh soon to remember, like painting in the input domain, draw the front wheel O, take body 45, and then is O.Cn the whole car rear exhaust painting finished last press enter into my car net is


is such a domain name many such as owo bicycle, O-O bar, P-Q glasses, etc. it is the image! And universal! Foreigners can understand! No matter which country I estimated that these items are like this! Oh! Well on these! I hope to become the new term pictographic domain name domain name instead of you!