The world’s ten largest blog post Huffington post


media news: according to the professional top ten blog website "TopYaps" news: in the past ten years, the blog, this network is used to attack politicians, darling, create or destroy the enterprise, provide rich and colorful entertainment programs for people. But is it really easy for us to sort out this new thing, and it’s not easy to sort out the rankings, especially in the context of a fair view of the world?. The following is the list of the world’s ten most popular website blog website.

1, Huffington post The Huffington Post


now, we have to admit that a few ideas, dedicated people can change the world. This website is co founded by the Huffington and Qiao Na ‘- Piridi and Kenneth – mind, and now has become the world’s top center blog, which Hot Blog countless. Due to a number of awards, the Huffington post website receives millions of feedback every month.

2, TechCrunch


TechCrunch ranked first in the Tecnorati information technology website. Arlington Michael – founder of the website in 2005, the main content is to analyze and report website, new companies and new products. Today, TechCrunch has 4 million 563 thousand RSS source users; this form of network news is called TechCrunch network, the network also includes a number of sites.

3, Gawker Gawker


slapped off the media — the United States online media, is in New York city as the main part of the blog; owns 10 different blog sites. Nick Denton in 2003 founded the smack off the media today, every day it sends out 50 to 70 posts, the article is mostly about celebrity gossip and news media, and these articles are mostly from their employees and the media, blog freelance writer.

4, TMZ


TMZ is an acronym for the 30 mile area (thirty-mile zone), which was founded in November 8, 2005 by Productions and Telepictures in the United States (AOL). Due to high news value, so in the report Mel Gibson drunken driving the Lexus LS430, and was arrested by the police after the famous website. TMZ editor Harvey Levin claimed that they often pay for the paparazzi to obtain valuable videos and photos.

5, addiction technology Engad>