Baidu blocked a large number of Taobao passenger survey the giant impact of the spread of the webmas

    June 11th news, according to a number of Taobao site owners to Tencent technology revealed that since the beginning of June 5th, Baidu began to clean up the dynamic content of API Taobao website. Some webmaster "too horrible to look at to describe Baidu up after the website, a large number of web pages were included to shrinking the number of the original 10%.

this is the first time Baidu initiative to ban Taobao information. The year before last September, Baidu launched the C2C site, ah, Eve, Taobao announced the screening of Baidu spiders, Baidu is to open up the green channel to help Taobao shop to recover the crawl. For the promotion of Taobao website, Baidu did not stop.

Baidu and Taobao scores also affects many of the heart. Many webmasters are in micro-blog, forums and other places to discuss, as of press time ago, Baidu and Taobao have not been on both sides of the argument.

a Taobao guest cup with

6 5 on the morning of the day, the operator of a Taobao off site owners Guo Wei (a pseudonym) in a busy day, before the referral of the Baidu search and ranking, the results of a jump. He thought he was wrong, second days to continue to believe: query their own website Baidu included the results suddenly only 25 thousand, only 5% of the number of the original.

so-called Taobao guest site, refers to the Alibaba and Taobao cooperation personal website. Through Taobao open data interface (ie Taobao off API), third party website can load Taobao shop and commodity information, and through the promotion of a certain transaction price.

as the first batch of "guest", Guo Wei can receive at least 20 thousand yuan monthly fee income through the website, website traffic is good, he even took a monthly income of 40 thousand yuan, of which, most traffic from Baidu search, "Taobao" or "" and other key words in Baidu. His website can on the home page.

Guo Weiyi began to think that Baidu lowered the weight of their website. This makes him very puzzled, because he did not make any big changes to the site or other violations of the search engine included in the principle of action.

he was in the Baidu query that the higher ranked Taobao guest website, found that website is also faced with the same situation: Baidu included have shrunk, an original included about 6000000 sites, now the number less than 100 thousand.

"this is a massive crackdown Baidu Taobao off action," Guo Wei quickly realized the seriousness of the matter. Subsequently, he gathered in the Taobao forum and QQ group, also found a large number of similar complaints of the owners.

from the summary of the news, the website is cancelled by Baidu contains all the call information API Taobao pages, Baidu did not reduce the site in the search rankings, Baidu for the website home page bring traffic has not been reduced, but the specific page flow shrink is serious. Some rely too much on Taobao API site is a heavy loss.

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