Express express every day denied the president of mergers and acquisitions

news September 16th, the daily express chairman and President Xi Chunyang to the billion state power network exclusive confirmation, the daily express and sto to each other in the form of shares reached a strategic cooperation, but the news has not been officially announced, the proportion of the shares of a secret.

Xi Chunyang said that the two sides is not a network of mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions rumors, but the two sides to each other’s way of strategic restructuring.

Xi Chunyang said that the strategic restructuring has very important significance for both sides, although not fully integrated business, but the product will be a certain degree of structural adjustment, the combination of both can promote the quality of products and services. However, the two sides are still in the stage of resource integration, specific business layout and adjustment is expected to be introduced next year.

"integration and redistribution can effectively reduce the waste of resources, reduce logistics costs." Xi Chunyang believes that the development of China’s private courier will eventually be integrated, every day and Shen Tong just opened a head.

it is understood that the management of the two companies has now opened up, after the integration of former chairman Chen Dejun as chairman Shen Shen Tong Tong and express every day; every day of the original courier chairman Xi Chunyang will serve as president and Shentong express every day.

it is worth noting that, according to media reports, the daily express chairman Xi Chunyang in 2012 to offer daily express before has served as president of STO; Xi Chunyang’s wife Chen Xiaoying as chairman Chen Dejun Shen Tong’s sister, still serves as the core management of Shen Tong in Xi Shen Tong after leaving.

information, Shen Tong was founded in 1993, one of the major courier companies, the size of the scale can be discharged to the top 3 courier.

express every day was founded in 1994, the network all over the country more than and 300 prefecture level cities and more than 2 thousand and 800 counties (including county-level cities, districts).