College students in order to get advertising rebate in the online rental server do yellow site

A college student

Anqing, after graduating from college to work in a garment factory in Fujian Jinjiang, the leisure boring he rented a server, set up a yellow website on the Internet, just half of the upload 528 porn movie for free download, and it only took more than 200 yuan rebate advertising. Recently, the Jinjiang police arrested, suspected of copying, dissemination of pornographic material jingfangxingju.

university to generate yellow net webmaster

it is understood that the suspect named Zhu Mou, Department of Anqing people. After graduating from college in 2008, from Xiamen through the introduction of acquaintances came to work in Jinjiang gold clothing factory. Usually in the office to do a lot of free time leisure chores. Last December, he felt he was boring to rent a server on the Internet prompted by a sudden impulse, opened a movie website.

"rent the server every month to pay the rent, although some people put some ads on my site, but because the site hits very low, very little advertising rebates. In accordance with the rules of cooperation, 1000 hits only $10." He was thinking about how to attract popularity, improve click through rate. Later, he thought of simply upload some porn, no worries about the rate of rise. In order to improve the hit rate for more advertising rebates, a wish in just half a month time to upload 528 porn movie website for free download.

thought it would be fine to delete porn

August 11th, Jinjiang, Fujian Jing Jing police station received a report from the masses, Jin Jing someone on the Internet to set up a yellow movie website. Police after careful Mopai, at 10 am the same day in the golden wells next to a clothing company office, captured the yellow film website founder and administrator wish.

when I heard that the police find him because he opened the company, he said: "I know I was wrong, I put these porn deleted all should be all right?" people can not understand it, a college student should have such a childish idea. The police followed the wish of a dormitory in the computer to find the wish of a maintenance operation records the yellow movie website, it is caught.

According to

police statistics, a wish from the beginning of July 26th, in running the website uploaded 528 porn movie for free download, every movie is downloaded more than 50 times. I wish a said, only to get more than 200 yuan rebate advertising.

I wish a very regret to say that he thought the porn deleted, most of the site stopped, and then accept criticism and education to get away, did not expect to fall to this point today.

at present, the criminal suspect to a suspicion of copying, dissemination of pornographic material has been Jinjiang jingfangxingju, the case is still under further investigation.