Third nternet community awards survey September fiery start

        according to CNNIC data show that as of June 2007, the total number of Chinese Internet users reached 162 million, second only to the size of the United States of America’s Internet users, ranking the world’s top second, the number of. Conversion is almost an average of 100 new users per minute, an increase of users per second. The Internet blog to reach 19.1%, more people visit the community, the forum BBS, alumni record, Blog (blog), personal space, SNS dating and other new community applications are more and more grassroots. In fact, the rapid growth of China’s Internet users and their community life habits gradually develop, will directly promote the development of the entire Internet community and mature. However, the current situation of the development of China’s network community and what are the new features?

is a leading global Internet community software and service providers, Comsenz (Comsenz) to carry out the third "investigation" development Chinese Internet community activities, the latest development and application requirements to the community market to provide detailed data support and direction, in order to better serve the community owners, and the benefit of community users. According to the content of the questionnaire and the analysis of the objectives of the survey, the selection of the network community and Internet users two independent survey.

involved in the investigation