Pinterest loss of rapid development momentum of a large number of brands absent

Beijing on July 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, Pinterest was a social media darling, and now the user base has gradually stabilized.

and Twitter only brands and celebrities to occupy the most popular account list, popular account on the Pinterest platform at the top, brands accounted for only less than 1/10 of individual users.

addition, Pinterest user interface restrictions on the brand is also a lot of brands can only operate the release of the picture, click like and concern about other people.

a small number of brands trying to innovate through other methods, but in the end there is little effect on attracting fans attention.

, however, individual users have done very successful, the method is very simple, published a large number of food and fashion pictures.

: in Pinterest board UNIQLO has received rave reviews from



UNIQLO (Tencent technology plan)

This is not

now, in June this year, UNIQLO launched a campaign, you can see a drop-down screen mosaic animation. But now, UNIQLO account is not too active.

Drake University: using Pinterest to provide students with college life guide


Drake University (Tencent technology plan)

would like to know how the money will be used to run or want to know the skills of the interview Drake University is based on the Pinterest platform to interact with students and provide guidance for their college life?.

at the Drake University’s Pinterest page, there are a lot of Drake University history and sports pictures, in addition to many other practical Pinterest board.

Peugeot Panamá:: using mosaic layout in Pinterest marketing


Peugeot Panamá (Tencent technology plan)


the automobile manufacturer to mosaic layout to enhance to a new level, they will invite users to participate in the design of puzzle games, which users end up missing pieces of the puzzle complete car supplement. Peugeot Panamá this account fans broke through 1300 people.

Wall Street Journal: turn Pinterest into a news platform