Vertical B2C moment of life and death the most difficult to squeeze next year Tmall Jingdong

[introduction] vertical is more of a marathon, not a sprint, the pursuit of the scale of the rules of the game have changed, the most important thing now is to reduce the cost of layoffs and profitability as soon as possible.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on December 24th

domestic electricity supplier industry is undergoing dramatic changes. In Tmall,, Jingdong, Tencent, the electricity supplier price war, set off waves of snatch electricity supplier industry entrance on the occasion, Martha Marceau, masamaso vertical electricity supplier is seeking to sell, once the capital darling of good music to buy and Suning also came to negotiate the acquisition, to Lok B2C corporate brand is in the throes of transition.

for vertical electric providers, becomes poor start of the capital market from the second half of last year, a lot of money to escape, VC no longer favored electricity supplier industry, since the second half of this year, the national retail market downturn, including customer web site sales volume compared to the same period last year declined, lack of support in the capital, and the case of continuous burn the vertical, frequent emergency.

in the first half of next year may be the most difficult period of vertical electricity supplier. Excellent purchase CMO Xu Lei pointed out that the second half of this year, double eleven and other large-scale promotional activities, in addition, to obtain sales vertical electricity supplier through the settled platform, but the first half of next year the vertical cost may be enlarged, but there will be a decline in sales. The national retail industry downturn in the current situation at least until the second half of next year to ease, therefore, the vertical electricity supplier will encounter a painful period.

NOP assistant, former president of Jingdong founder Liu Shuang more pessimistic about vertical future expectations, can achieve more than 100% growth in the size of the entire electricity supplier market before, but the rapid growth is slowing down, this year is 50%, next year may be 30%, with the real economy is not good, the line category to the line surge, more shock vertical electric business the next 2 to 3 years, the vertical electricity supplier situation are not good.

vertical electricity supplier is more marathon race, rather than 100m Sprint, the pursuit of the scale of the game rules have changed, and now the most important thing is to reduce costs and layoffs as soon as possible profit. In Tmall, Jingdong compete for the platform to do a large-scale, while the vertical electricity supplier but also to the depth, specialization direction." An electricity supplier who said on behalf of Tencent technology.

B2C platform for the basic end of the competition: small and medium B2C hard survival

from the second half of last year, the vertical business is going through a winter, once the capital darling Amoy music, good music to buy also encountered financing problems, the original scale — to obtain financing — scale — get collapse of the mode of financing.

Le Amoy in early 2012 had foreign claims received a loan financing, according to former Lok staff revealed that this is not VC, but the capital "timely assistance" to avoid Lok funding strand breaks, investment dashuipiao Hobson, Lok CEO Bi Sheng also admitted to investors.