Boss not paid attention to leave the network administrator black 69 computers

recently, Danleng Danleng County Public Security Bureau police station in the daily inspection of the county in a cafe, catch a suspicious personnel suspected of using the Internet server network failure, let the police know is the man, the only motivation is not affected by the old board attaches great importance to Internet cafes.

According to

police, Danleng County Yang Chang wish of a person, in the cafe as a network administrator, because of not being the boss attention and resigned in July. Since then, unwilling to make a wish to make the Internet cafe boss know their own powerful, easy for the evening of August 5th ordered Liu to the Internet cafes. Oneself with QQ remote assistance function and Liu’s computer connection, and then through the technical means to invade the Internet cafe server, delete a large number of documents above, resulting in the Internet cafe 69 computers can not run.

wish a violation of the public security administration punishment law, the twenty-ninth article on the illegal change of computer data and application of the provisions of the. Danleng County Public Security Bureau pursuant to the law on a wish made security detention punishment decision.