Tmall international big clearance 1 10000 Taobao store

[Abstract] the day before, the Wall Street Journal quoted an insider news, Alibaba said on a number of internationally renowned brand promise, if Tmall settled, the Alibaba will make the greatest efforts to brand counterfeiting and unauthorized removal of product from its online store.


in the introduction of international big brand however, spare no effort, the current Taobao (including Tmall) on the real situation and how? Billion state power network finishing the 20 international brands in the Taobao business situation and found that there are a lot of Tmall to do homework.

Chanel LV the most favored "clean"

billion state power network has selected 20 well-known international brands from bags, jewelry watches, cosmetics category three (as shown below) as the object of the sampling survey.

in Taobao and Tmall search box to enter the name of the English name of the brand and found that the search results, there are a large number of shop names and commodity labels containing these brands of words.


to Chanel (Chanel), for example, the name of the store and the main products contain Chanel (Chanel) word shop up to, of which more than 500 Tmall stores, Taobao C store reached 1.3.

in order to better understand the exposure degree of international brands in Tmall and, billion state power network of search results from further. Still in the case of Chanel, the English brand name in the Taobao web search results is 100 pages long, billion state power network once every 5 pages of statistics. The statistical result shows that almost every page in the list, containing Chanel are 90% of the main shops of goods.


search Taobao shop Chanel

compared to Chanel, as well as one of the well-known brands of Chinese consumers, commodity labels involving Louis Vuitton (Louis Weedon), but few Tmall shops. Insiders pointed out that the previous Louis Vuitton or with fake memo and Taobao signed on.

also noted that the state power grid, in Taobao, not more high-grade brand exposure is more, but with the China consumer awareness of its related. For example, Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) and Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) as the top brand watches category, Tmall and use the word brand shops and the quantity of the goods is far less than the more popular Cartier (Cartire) and Omega (OMEGA).

and Chanel, Prada (Prada), Gucci (Gucci), Dior (Dior), Armani (Armani) and other domestic brands consumers for having heard it many times.