Microsoft Office com domain name for the network version of the Office nest

Admin5 station network August 7th news, according to Cnet website reported that Microsoft already has a domain name, although Microsoft refused to disclose the use of the address, but insiders said, this will be Microsoft to provide services for the network version of Office.


representative said Thursday the Microsoft Corp, about program details, now also revealed at the early. Last month, Microsoft launched Office 2010 technical preview, but the version of the network until later this year will begin beta. Microsoft has said, Office network application software IE browser through the Windows free Live service based, and is compatible with the Safari browser Firefox and apple.

Microsoft seems to be from ContactOffice (the company has its own network version software development tool suite) acquired the domain name, on Thursday morning, a news website said, to use the domain name. The message said, as we recently sent you the mail in the next 30 days, we will send the user account to the Virtual Office; as a part of transfer action, we will address in June 29th has changed from to

how to get domain name, Microsoft refused to disclose any details. The email sent to a representative of ContactOffice for comment was not immediately answered.