nventory of those who lost electricity supplier 2011 was forgotten domain name

2011, the electricity supplier arena, we feel the heat and cold, the popular online shopping mode, the most popular business platform, handle network, web sites have the best network for financing, financing heat impressed, however, there are still many food such as sago net business platform, online supermarket warehouse etc. to decline, 2011 those who lost the business platform, pro, also know how much


March Baidu mall youa.com


2008, Baidu has launched the online shopping platform, shopping mall, and enable the youa.com Larry domain, in April last year, ah shopping platform goods store, transaction related functions to be shut down, transfer the mall business to cool days, Yao point 100 other partners, in November 2011 officially split yes. The transformation of independent local information and life service platform. Ah mall youa.com shut down the transition, it is not difficult to see that the domestic electricity supplier challenges, undeniable, the domain name youa.com was fine memory, it also took the protection of a domain name is youa.com/.cn/.com.cn/.net/.net.cn.

July also buy tea yesmytea.com outage

July is the summer time, but also to buy tea at this time with "cold", but also to buy tea outage, yesmytea.com domain can access this website, page also liquor page, yesmytea.com domain is a pure English domain, the public generally can remember, to some extent, this is also the domain name good note, yesmytea.com domain names registered in 2007, yesmytea.cn/.com.cn was registered.


food industry – Sago

sago Net Office snacks retailer, in October 26th last year, sago network announced the official domain name ximi.com curtain call, a striking, Ximi can be regarded as "fans", "West", "love rice", "thin rice" (rare pearl) and Chinese characters Pinyin domain name ximi.com registered in July 2003, the domain name ximi.com is not popular in the west the office snack industry, the food network outage, also announced the end of an era. November ximi.com website transformation, run from the net ordering, which shows the high value of the domain name, ximi.com business.

dahuozhan.com to the attention of


large warehouse in July 2010 officially launched, three spell domain name dahuozhan.com using the website, "warehouse" and "shop No. 1" has been praised as "online supermarket Hutch", September 2011, a large warehouse declared closed, dahuozhan.com domain name disappear in front of the public, the interpretation of a large warehouse.